Tim Rylatt                 Joanna Storer

This seminar is being delivered by Sussex based business owner Tim Rylatt of ActionCOACH business coaching, and Joanna Storer from marketing firm Growth by Design. The seminar will help businesses to refine their sales processes and practices using an understanding of the psychology of customers, how people buy and how your marketing and sales teams can respond to customer behaviours. Tim and Joanna will give practical advice for any business whether you are a bakery or an accountancy firm! 



  • The process of buying
    • The importance of buying stages and the customer viewpoint / mind-set at each.
    • Seeking confidence, avoiding doubt…what are the 5 vital questions prospects need answered?
  • Linking the buying stages to the behaviours of customers
    • What to expect – The bad
    • What to expect – The good
    • The principles of deselection and qualification
  • Overcoming the negative behaviours
    • Buyer fears and how to calm them down
    • Key points of influence and persuasion
  • Promoting the desired behaviours
    • Creating the platform for lifetime value
  • The psychology of advocacy, testimony, and endorsement
    • The value of referrals in today’s world and how to access it
  • The ladder of loyalty
    • Link to the ActionCOACH 5 ways model to prove the value



  • Is your marketing and sales really zipped up?
    • Why  more often than not sales and marketing are disconnected…
    • Creating and nurturing demand opportunity
  • Where are the common points of misalignment?
    • The common view of marketing
    • The common view of sales
    • Spotting the evidence of disconnection
  • Content is yes but context is yes, yes, yes
    • Importance of having tailored messages
  • Using all the tools at your disposal
    • Your prospects are in multiple locations – how can you reach them best
    • How to systemise your sales process to add efficiency and impact
    • How to be memorable to your customers for the RIGHT reasons


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